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Name:frank lapidus
Birthdate:Aug 12

a . p r e t t y . g o o d . p i l o t


Frank J. Lapidus was raised by his family who hailed from the Bronx and grew up with good influences like the New York Yankees. When he was old enough he became a professional pilot for both professional and low-key jobs. These airlines included Oceanic Airlines, Caribbean Dreams Island Travel and Tours in Eleuthera, and more recently Ajira Airways. In 2004, Frank was recruited by a woman named Naomi Dorrit to fly a research team in to an island. He had no idea of what he was getting himself into. The chopper was caught in a storm and the team had to evacuate. Eventually they all met up and discovered the Oceanic 815 survivors and the division that existed between them. After a long battle on the island over a man named Benjamin Linus (who the mercenary team on the accompanying freighter was originally sent out to capture) Frank was able to load some survivors onto the helicopter and fly them to safety.

It was assumingly by pure fate that he was to be flying Ajira flight 316 in 2007 which brought the Oceanic Six back to the island.


Frank generally is a good-hearted individual who looks out for the welfare of the group. However, he does have his limits and finds some people can be a "pain in the ass" (see Miles Straume). While he may not be considered a leader he is a pilot by occupation and by nature therefore he likes calm environments and smooth sailing for everybody. He will keep the peace by any means necessary.

However this pacifism does not apply to all aspects of his life. Naomi Dorrit described him as "a drunk" to one of her colleagues. He has a reputation based off his support and private investigations into mass conspiracies (like the suspicion of surviving Oceanic 815 survivors in which he memorized the roster). As of 2007 he is clean-shaven and once more working for commercial airlines. It would seem Frank cleaned himself up, but with a future so hectic thus far it is uncertain what habits might resurface.

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not Frank Lapidus or Jeff Fahey. No quarrels here plz.

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